spinalsolutions has a link and availability monthly at Docklands Osteopathic Clinic . Over the years we have extended our expertise into the London area providing expert advice and treatment monthly at this site . The clinic is well established and on a day to day basis run by Osteopath Ismet Rasul .  She has been treating many clients in the area of Docklands for many years and was previously located in the Canary Wharf and has since moved to this location which is nearby at Pepper Street (Crossharbour DLR).


As we are in attendance only monthly any extra work required will be passed on to Ismet Rasul until we return at the beginning of every month . This is an opportunity for clients to recieve our expert advice and help whilst having continuity in treatment .


We can provide all our Osteopathic Services and Stress Management from this site .  Please book your appointment by following the 'Booking Button ' on this page which will  put in contact with this clinic 

Docklands Osteopathy Clinic

Davenport House
16 Pepper Street
E14 9RP
020 7510 954

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