From an Osteopathic perspective we have designed our clinic to be COVID compliant.

We are well placed through our clinical experience, networks, resources and previous experience of treating ME/CFS patients, to provide intervention to clients suffering from the post viral effects of COVID19, or what is now termed 'Long COVID'.

Our current protocol is built around your and the practitioner safety.


Before your appointment:

A pre-screening proforma document will be sent via e-mail and it is required that it is completed and returned before the appointment.

On the day of your appointment:

Clients are required to arrive on time and wearing a mask. 

On arrival clients will be taken through a follow up screening questionnaire and their temperature will be recorded using a head thermometer.


We stipulate that all practitioners wash their hands for 20 seconds, before and after a treatment. 

Hand sanitizer are supplied throughout the clinic.

Our team is regularly informed with the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE) to ensure all practitioners and patients  understand their role in looking after themselves and others.

This includes ensuring every individual who works for us understands the symptoms and when to self-isolate.

We endeavour to accommodate individual customer requests. 

Clients will not come into contact with other clients when they attend for treatments.


Clients suffering symptoms or who believe they may have the virus are requested to stay at home to recover, and self isolate as advised by Public Health England