Most GP practices will be unable to deal with the problems of aches and pains of the muscuoskeltal system , we are fully qualified to be able to provide professional and effective advice for self treatment and full recovery. Our treatments are available online and through direct contact under strict clinical conditions if necessary.


We stipulate that all practitioners and patients  to wash their hands for 20 seconds, on the way into a treatment and afterwards. 

We have adequate supplies  hand sanitizer for use after a regular soap and water wash .

We are providing our teams with the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE) to ensure that all practitioners and patients  understands their role in looking after themselves and others. This includes ensuring every individual who works for us understands the symptoms and when to self-isolate.

Finally, we’ll do everything possible to accommodate individual customer requests, every client will not meet another client when they attend for treatments.


If you do feel unwell or member of your family we encourage you to stay at home to recover, isolation as advised by Public Health England

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