A premier Osteopathic clinic, based in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham.


Run by France Quirin DO one of the most experienced Osteopaths in Birmingham - a specialist in Chronic Disease and modern  Pain Managment approaches .  You will be welcomed professionally and experience an empowering approach within a modern, attractive  and clean space . The clinic is  'Covid - Compliant ' without losing humanity, its setting is a  warm Nordic Style Design, created by  experts in ergonomic 

To compliment the osteopathic approach and treatment we have other therapies such as Nutrition , Hypnotherapy , EFT, Mindfulness ,Fascial Release , Massage and talking therapies

We specialise in Chronic Fatigue and the Perrin Technique  


Osteopathy like Chiropractic and Physiotherapy utilises manipulation and exercise .  At spinalsolutions we utilise an Osteopathic approach to evaluate the whole body and lifestyle as it relates to  your individual symptoms . Osteopathy is focused on tailored approach with some elements of soft tissue release along with contemporary as well as more known rehabilitative exercises . It is generally accepted as being gentle and effective Face to Face treatment by appointment 

On- Line 

Recent research has indicated that advice given by musculoskeletal  experts such as spinalsolutions may mean that a clinical appointment may not be necessary  , It is possible to release tissues 'hands free', by giving the appropriate advice and prescribing "movement". A 'face to face ' service has returned in combination with' online'.  Certainly as regards  supportive advice for Nutrition , Anxiety or Chronic Fatigue , online one to one engagement is entirely appropriate combined with 'face to face' treatment it can allow time for new learning and change.

London Clinic

Davenport House, 16 Pepper St, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9RP

Getting help

Our aim is to   compliment medical advice and aid natural  recovery ,

A working model for the practice is :






Each stage is guided and applied with expertise and understanding 


Sometimes the questions are complicated and the anwers are simple. 
Dr. Seuss

contact us 

Osteopath Birmingham 


No. 42 The Practice

, 42 Northampton St, Birmingham, B18 6DX |

 Tel: 01216380105

Urgent/Emergency call 07974437056

Opening Hours

Monday  Emergency Clinic 0830 am  - 1130 am

Tuesday  Emergency by arrangement only

Weds - 0900 - 1700 pm

Thurs - 0900 - 1700 pm 

Fri - 0900 - 1800 pm 

Saturday - 0900 - 1430 pm 

Sunday Closed

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