You know what ? You’re not broken!!

‘you know what? You’re not broken , I think this will be my universal quote of self change for 2014. Within the meaning of this statement is a belief , a hope and a trust that whatever is happening then most of the time a new start or rebuild is possible . Similarly there is the famous quote which states ‘ what doesn’t kill you will make you greater ‘ .

In the world of therapy and particularly ‘ back therapy’ the illusory nature of a direct cause can lead to very complicated diagnoses with a series of even more elaborate treatment regimes. You may recieve recommendations to see varying types of therapist including myself!! You should start with the notion that you’re not broken ( at least not completely ) and see what may sometimes be salvaged. Indeed the body is a self healing mechanism , think what it can do rather than what it can’t .

Osteopathy is a wonderful treatment method as is Chiropractic and Physiotherapy as are antibiotics.  All these therapies mentioned have proved their worth . However the word antibiotics ‘ is the clincher here ! You wouldn’t take antibiotics continually for general disease because they would eventually become ineffective and they would also inflict some damage to the population of natural flora which have a protective function in the gut.  There are cases  for long term antibiotics but these are specific pathologies where the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.  So you wouldn’t really want to have too much physical therapy , maybe better to learn what your body can do for itself

The question is wether or not there needs to,be a constant programme of spinal maniuplation to achieve the result of a more balanced body,soft tissue work ( massage) in conjunction with exercise may have a more long term beneficial effect. The research that has already been conducted indicates a benefit in the short term for manipulation ( BENCH trial -around 9 weeks) with no evidence for long term application . Soft tissue work is less challenging to the body compared with manipulation, however one must also realise that all therapy can create a dependency . Instead it may be more pertinent that the client is encouraged to increase activity levels based on knowledge and advice imparted by the therapist and that direct work is an adjunct to this.

Remember – ‘ you’re not broken’

I set up spinalsolutions in Birmingham City Centre UK after many years experience at a local Osteopathic practice, initially I had thought it was unfortunate that we had reached an ‘ expiry ‘ point in our collaboration however now I’m grateful for a decision forced upon me which allowed me to see a whole different side to the therapy I had delivered there for many years. So I decided to take all the valuable experience from that practice as regards the skill of manipulation and patient management ,it was certainly a place that excelled in this type of approach . However as regards my philosophy of treatment I sought to improve on it ( as far as I was concerned ) with my own ideas and personal experience of musculoskeletal pain ( trauma, disc injury , whiplash, viral effects on muscles , bilateral bunions , long distance/cross country runner , and martial arts injuries too numerous to list ) we needed a base philosophy . we had the slogan ‘FOR EVERYBODY’ already and this represented the universal nature of Osteopathic treatment , one of my old tutors used to say ,

“from 9 weeks to 90 years, that’s Osteopathy”.

Then whilst driving to the practice one day 4 years ago , I was listening to a discussion on the radio and heard this line .

‘You know what ? you’re not Broken’

It was what I needed to consider in the treatment programmes for my clients ,
so we proceed today in this manner . If you’re paying a lot of visits to your ‘ therapist’then consider if your getting advice or using it to any advantage. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you asking if there was a way to reduce dependency .

Remember : You know what ? You’re not broken !

Blogging is an interesting vehicle I could be advising someone a stones throw away or a long distance ‘haul’ away ; anyway whoever you are wherever you are if you’re reading the blog and pleas excuse the typos if there are any .My advice isn’t just internet sought , but personal and patient experienced .

I wish all our readers and direct clients a good New Year hoping we can advise you and develop our service to be more efficient on the ground and more developed to deliver an effective digital service . If you’re at home at this point feeling a little battered take heart and maybe realise how the above statement refers to your life , pain etc , just think for a moment

You know what ? Your not Broken

If it doesn’t work for you at this time don’t worry I still don’t believe you’re broken and hope something turns up on these pages in the future to help you find motivation and hope .

In a very comical way we like to be like the mirror in the tale of Snow White , we will reflect and we will give advice to me you will always be ‘ the fairest in the land ‘ come and see me and I will always treat you that way, but don’t expect us to tell you about Snow White though ,…..after all , confidentiality first .