Wistful Wednsday

At spinalsolutions.org we are beginnining to organise our week into themed days so that our tweets and blogs follow some pattern . This is eesential in ths world of many choices and the information highway , themes I think will allow us to organise our week better .

So Wednsday?- I ve chosen ‘Wistful – Wednsday’ – why Wistful ? the definition suggests a state of melancholy , longing and yearning . This Wisfulness is truly the human condition and just recently I have completed the Happiness Certificate provided by the free site for learning Edx.org .loohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkAtaH-BLvIk. This free course dissects and examines our notion of happiness and instead of convceiving it as an intangible state attempts to observe it from a Biochemical , Psychological and Emotional point of view . They describe the research that showed that 40% of happiness is not down to our genes but to our daily activities and looks some elements that could make up our daily experiences and activities in this way ; meditation , passion, gratitude , forgiveness, self compassion , relationships and developing a sense of flow are all seen as important aspects to achieve happiness . Each of these aspects has been researched over the last decade and the ideas and results are both provoking and convincing .

I completed the happiness diploma about a year ago at a time when I did indeed feel very much the opposite . It was a very difficult time and even though this course provided answers which were academic they indeed did transfer across into the practical . I found the most useful tool to be ‘self compassion ‘ – it was easy enough to understand as a concept but I was’nt truly engaging. Self compassion for me was to allow myself to fail , its not that I was steeped in perfection , more the other way I was well aware if not too aware of my imperfection and thus when on a daily basis when I encountered it found a way of finding refuge . Food was a good one especially cake !! another one was to drive my body a the gym to reshape it into “perfection” . Alas all self punishment and no space to watch and observe, to be my own maternal and paternal force inner force and calmly hold myeslf quietly . Many of the skilss I couldnt possibly take on on immediate completeion of the course and declare myself “officially happy “!! I continue to work with the advice and with faith of its validity , observing it in the world at large and within my patient group , professionally giving advice and myself being immersed in personal experience . ” Happiness is a journey and not a destination ” I have heard this one before but I guess it is all cake maybe – happiness is like a cake , mix and fold carefully the ingredients and gently cook within the heat of life , yes it might all be really about cake !