Wistful Wednsday

What is it to be WISTFUL ? here at spinalsolutions.org we are creating ‘wistful ‘ wednsday , a middle of the week day still striving for the weekend and recovering from the Monday Blues . What is it to be ‘Wistful’? well one online dictionary defines it as :

having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing
ie ‘A Wistful Smile’

Well as this is a professional website/blog – what are we generally ‘wistful ‘ about at spinalsolutions – I guess being an idealist and an Aquarian I would want to change the world, being an Osteopath I would want to relate to my profession .

How ?,is a big question , professionally I would want my potential client population to take some responsibility for their health . So what does that even mean ? It certainly does’nt mean you should live in fear of food or the good times – ‘La Dolce Vita ‘ . Health can be seen to have a kind of fascism : less fat , alkaline diets , high protein etc – all very good advice however there must also be some relaxation of the rules sometime just to relax and eat what you enjoy ,and is a little bit indulgent . The indulgence of course has to be limited , I would suggest to one day per week or fortnight . This would satisfy my longing for everyone to just have a moment of rest with long walks and food that touches the soul , of course for those who feel one day of indulgence is a day too much then continue as you must but make sure the food warms your soul .

As regards health then ; what would I long for from my ‘health pulpit’ – well like like your Grandparents would say : its all about greens yes I would love you to increase your greens . Greens consist of salad greens, cruciferous vegetables , green legumes . The reason I would ‘wistfully’ like you to increase your consumption is firstly within this group is included many of the super foods like watercress, broccoli – there is a big list mainly because they contain phytochemicals and isothiocyanates . These and other chemicals found in these plant based foods have known benefits to reduce the possibility of cancer developing, aid natural detoxification by enhancing liver function . One of the most recent discoveries about this class of foods is their ability to turn your ‘Good’ Genes On and your “Bad” Genes off this aspect of science is called Epigenetics .

Epigenetics is defined as heritable changes in gene expression that are not due to alterations in the DNA sequence , from a viewpoint of ‘lifestyle’ we are learning that although we are’nt able to change the DNA sequence we can change the gene expression. This research indicates that environment and lifestyle determine which genes are active and which ones are suppressed . Some of the conclusions in this science has been borne by the facts that identical twins brought up in different environments do not display the same disease/health patterns , the one with the better lifestyle factors displaying improved health patterns.

It is thought that one of the many reasons that chronic diseases are on the rise is that we are creating ‘epigentic buttons ‘ or switches on our genes that get passed down to future generations . The modern environment is characterised by highly palatable and calorie dense foods, pollutants, and very little physical activity . In addition to extra ‘stresses’that come from this environment and the need to be in what we call the ‘rat race’ .
Lilly Tomlinson once aptly said :

“The problem with being in the rat race is that even if you win
youre still a rat ”

I believe this is something to be Wistful about this Wednsday , it seems like low price medicine to me, a healthy population not being a burden on the health service , less poisoning with drugs that although essential have damaging side effects. So on Wistful Wednsday I ask that we take some responsibility , not lose the good times but putting in a bit of work those good times can last longer . As an additional comment , Ive just found out about ‘Cockroach Milk ‘ as the new superfood , well ok we will leave the details for another blog , please read on below and follow the link .