What Are You Like in the Morning – Fact Friday

My wife hates mornings, in fact to be truthful I do’ nt  particularly like her in the  mornings . I’m sure its the same up and down the country in fact the Daily Mail ‘Library of knowledge ‘ ( sorry Mail Fans)  confirmed this by reporting the results of research completed by the Sleep Council.  It showed that a quarter of men never wake up in a bad mood compared to just one in seven women .  Please I stop here and confirm that this is not a sexist rant !!   Anyway Jessica  Alexander of the aforementioned group is reported as stating :

” Twenty eight per cent of women as opposed to only 5 per cent of men do any housework before going to work

She also states that women have  a far busier schedule than men in the morning whereas men just get up and go , out of the study that was 17 per cent of them spending 10 minutes on their wake up and get out routine .

I started with the ‘reasons’ so that my wife wont be in a worse mood tomorrow after reading my blog – that was an attempt at appeasement!  The study definitely confirmed that women were more  grumpier and more so after a bad nights  sleep . 13 per cent of women in the study ( 2,105  on line survey) remained in a bad mood for up to four hours compared to ten per cent of men .  Sorry dear you can’t mess with the Sleep Council!!

So what else happens to our bodies overnight which affect our morning?

As an Osteopath I can tell you that your blood is thicker up till before midday , and also your discs are more swollen after a nights sleep so your back will feel stiffer . Maybe wait 30 mins or so before that yoga session? maybe dont run till after lunch

Allergy symptoms can be worse ,apparently research by Nicholson and Bogie in 1973 with a sample of 2000 people identified a percentage of 12% sufferers . Of these the allergies were worse for the morning period and improved around midday.  – another reason to delay  the run in the park !!

An article from ‘Runners World’   Sweat Science by Alex Hutchinson in 2013   (runnersworld.com) discussed just the question of wether running in the morning was favourable to running in the early evening .  The science behind the article came from the Journal  ‘Applied  Physiology, Nutrition , and Metabolism  from David Hill at the University of North Texas.  20 volunteers were observed an d measured doing time-to-exhaustion tests on a stationary bicycle for around 5 minutes at constant power.  The recordings were taken at different times  6.30 – 0930 am, and once in the evening between 5.00 and 8.00 pm on a different day. Time to exhaustion was 20  per cent longer in the evening .  The clinical reasoning suggested this had something to do with circadian rhythms .  It shows again however that the evening may favour the morning.

And as far as the wife goes ‘flowers’ may also improve the evening situation as a thanks for all that morning prep,who knows it might make the morning better too!!

( just in case there’s role reversal I have included a link for men and flowers). At spinalsolutions Osteopathy Birmingham we are always good natured in the mornings !

Happy Life