The Magic Roundabout

Who is Mortitz Earhardt , is the magic roundabout just a children’s show from the 70’s and what has the word Modifani to do with the undead, and why would a a health blogger be interested anyway ?? Well Moritz Earhardt was an unfortunate 21 year city worker in London old found dead in his shower after having an epileptic fit . The poor man worked hard and played hard as dictated by our ‘fast society’ indeed he should have ben called Moritz Earn – hardt instead , he worked efficently and well but also partied hard with very little sleep and it was reported that he may have been part of a new breed of worker in London doing what is called the magic roundabout ,and that it was this perhaps that contributed to his death. A long day at work , then out for he evening, out for the night , back in the early hours in a taxi , quick wash up and brush then out again to work – The magic roundabout indeed !!, The BBC website in 2006 reported on a drug called Modifanil , this was known on the drug scene as ‘Zombies’ ( the undead) . They are used to treat a rare sleeping disorder called narcolepsy and was a MOD developed drug engineered to act as a stimulant and be performance enhancing . It works by “turning off” a persons need to sleep an d allowing them to remain mentally awake for days on end, It was popular in the US amongst revising students and clubbers. I was once offered a wide range of uppers and downers and even viagra outside of a London Pub in the 90’s , I would assume things are much worse. If fun and leisure are so demanding and time consuming and they seem an escape from the
deep grind of long days at work perhaps where high performance is required then some will crumble. I wrote an article this week about the importance of sleep and I guess we have’nt yet reached a point where we truly see the importance of it . Long nights playing hard?? work tomorrow ??deep inside your brain a voice is calling you home to a warm comfortable bed where you can keep your weight even , make great contributions to your health , even clean your brain – such are the benefits of sleep . And the weekend ? No work the next day – well fill your boots enjoy it all and maybe even get a full breakfast the next day , come Sunday night best advice get to bed – please – 2011 film Limitless