Saggy Pants and More Sagginess

If you don’t know what ‘saggy pants’ are then walk around our towns and cities , if a lot of mens underwear catches your eye then you’ve been polluted by ‘SAGGY PANTS’ . Ok I’m fifty years old and anything I might have to say about fashion is bound to be laced with a little bit of criticism and I am not exactly qualified to be too critical about fashion.  However from the point of view of ‘musculoskeletal medicine’ I can at last get some air time!!! ‘SAGGY PANTS’ apparently this fashion comes from the American prison system where walking in chains renders the person unable to pull their trousers up,  who knows ?I can’t think of any reason other than a ‘mishap’ to start this fashion . Generally as a Grumpy Old Man I can just about tolerate the loud personal conversations on public transport and over – audible music but there’s something incomplete about saggy pants, a bit like untied shoelaces or fluff on your collar – it draws a need for completion.  ” Excuse me your trousers are actually falling down ” or in some cases ” your trousers have actually fallen down .

My schooldays are memorable of summer sports days and the three legged race and how difficult it was to walk let alone run , coordination and balance were required . It seems this fashion has taken off to the point where the weird walk necessary is mastered , the next step with be natural adaptation and evolution . Millions of years of the development of gait reduced to something like the three legged race in a few generations – fashion? – thanks but no thanks!!!

Ok what can we postulate about ‘SAGGY PANTS’ – well over time any restriction of natural movement in any joint causes restriction and then damage .  The hip joints and knees provide great ranges of movement , to walk well in these ‘pants you need to emphasise internal rotation of the hips , slight flexion on the knees, and depending on height you need to either reduce or accentuate the arch in the back , I have observed mainly exaggeration of lordosis. This definitely spells damage especially if the fashion is popular for kids in their early teens when development is not yet complete or even if there are any natural asymmetries like unequal leg length.  Perthes disease  (ischaemia to hip joint and eventual damage) is common in teenage years as well as Osgood Schlatters ( irritated and painful tendon that inserts into the front of the leg below the kneecap ) . Its seems  that another problem can originate from this ‘fashion’

A two year study by the NAMA set to be released on Monday April 5th builds off the ‘bad posture’ findings of Parnell. Dr Mark Oliver Mansbach explains that the continuous wearing of sagging pants severely impacts sexual performance.

“In our study we discovered that sagging pants wearers are 70% more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse. There is a 78% likelihood that sagging pants wearers have erectile dysfunction”, Mansbach noted.

“We are finding increasing number of cases where men as young as 23 are having severe cases of ED. The cause is traced back to the constant mis-aligning of their hips and lower torso from the gait (people’s walking patterns) which are symptomatic to sagging pants.”

Mansbach estimates that 75-82% of the men who wear saggy pants have some sort of sexual dysfunction

It seems saggy pants leads to another kind of ‘sagginess’ – Take care and dont let adverse  fashion ruin your life or pollute mine Thanks .