Musculoskeletal problems contagious?


In the last few weeks I’ve come across some identical back strains. The client phones me ‘in agony’, there is no referral down the legs pain is intense in the low back buttocks and the person is unable to stand up straight. They commonly say “I feel like ninety” as a way of conveying the total discomfort experienced . Phone call after phone call, it will certainly keep me for Christmas ! But seriously I’m curious, my clinical expertise and experience tells me it’s not viral or caused by some pathogen . There’s always an activity linked to this strain ( a strain because there are no referred symptoms) , could it be that we are more ‘ society’ than Dame Thatcher thought and indeed are creatures of habit perhaps finishing off the garden at the same time , or clearing the drive of leaves around about now , early Christmas parties shaking the ‘booty’ who knows ? There’s nothing in the text books I’m afraid however I can reassure you if you’re next in this musculoskeletal epidemic then I am an expert at bringing you back to normality , I’m too practised at this one not to see it coming and have developed a treatment protocol over the years . So here’s the expert advice ; don’t worry , stick a nice pack on ASAP!take the day off get a good movie , couple of Brufen if you can take it if not then trust in the Almighty and give me a ring . PS if you’re wearing tight jeans at the time keep them on they will hold you together at the pelvis .