Mental Health Monday


Today’s post has been triggered by seeing a mental health campaign organised by @VirginTrains @NetworkRailBHM. Is it effective is it appropriate ?

The campaign aims to increase awareness by inviting the public to create selfies from a bed which they have set up on the concourse . I met a very keen employee who had valiantly volunteered, standing there in a dressing down . He was very friendly and seemed pleased to be part of an awareness campaign for public interest . However I wonder if “nationally ” we have really grasped the reality of ‘mental health’, there are questions , this is such a poorly handled subject within our health system, I think we must question how effective these campaigns are or how appropriate . Where should we place them and how , I appreciate the effort by Virgin at New Street however Im not convinced of how effective this approach is.

I quite like the idea of mental health workers being sent out into the community to engage people much like the ‘Health Champions ‘ project which I am proud to be a part of . We were taught basic listening skills and then informed about what was available as far as local and National services, the aaim then would be to ‘signpost ‘ the client to an available service for their particular needs be it emotional , physical or mental .

Have you ever taken more than five minutes out of your day to ask a stranger indeed a loved one/friend how they truly feel and then given them the time to truly answer and then listened ?

I cam across this blog from @EllamentalMama, have a read as this touches and covers a lot of subjects around these campaigns.

How Mental Health Campaigns are Missing the Point