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New London Practice

Its with giant steps that I have now began practice at Canary Warf , the 29th floor , 1 Canada Square, professionally hosted by Ismet Rasoul Registered Osteopath and her wonderful practice Docklands Osteopathy Practice
Over the years , I have worked in the Birmingham area for myself
and different practices which has accumulated a lot of experience in many aspects of injury and rehabilitation . I have worked for Boots Health and Beauty helping them to create a “health service “ at the main Boots store in Birmingham , we were very successful at converting the shopping experience to one of self concern for health and dysfunction , or as we say these days wellness or lifestyle choices . Also I have worked, and still do for two Charities ,, where as part of the team I have provided Osteopathic Care for clients with incurable diseases and those of a neuromuscular nature . At Guildhall practice I have helped the practice in its support of the Birmingham Royal ballet and numerous productions at the Rep theatre , I am currently Dance UK Registered . At my practice in the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham,-1.911139,3a,75y,298h,90t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sXHbeq , I work on providing a wide spectrum of Osteopathy that has emerged from my varied experience and currently have created a new running/sports related service where I combine treatments with my colleague who is a well known Myofascial Release Specialist ( currently treating many runners in Birmingham , this involves, Assessment , Myofascial Release and Osteopathic treatment for just £45.00 , which is really possible in Birmingham because of  rents , rates etc .. Its a very specialised session which I think would cost the earth in London All you Londoners out there why not come to Birmingham for the day on a cheap ticket get off at Jewellery Quarter Station , explore our wonderful city have a lovely pint here in the jewellery quarter . Over many years I have developed a special interest and appropriate expertise in the treatment of ME/Chronic Fatigue , utilising the Perrin Technique , Detoxification , Nutritional advice and help from many of the partnerships I have developed over the years especially with the Optimum Health Clinic a specialised centre in London . We can with planning and careful organisation even book you in to a MRI centre down the road in Knowle and then follow up with treatment all for £350 pounds , that wouldn’t even get you through the door in an MRI Centre in London .
I recommend the Red Lion
, great selection of beers also the Church ,The Lord Clifden and The Brown Lion – all in the name of ‘wellness ‘ of course , “work and play “! I believe the Osteopathic Model beyond the ‘clicking’ that characterises its application has always had a its feet firmly in natural healing and what’s termed in modern times as ‘Wellness’ , we believe that modern medicine has created amazing medicines and surgical procedures that are effective in the treatment and prevention of disease , however without a ‘healthy – bed- rock ‘ even the best scientific attempts can fail to revive an unhealthy system . Therefore Osteopathy should promote a healthy lifestyle in the physical realm and mental realm as well as provide corrective treatments for the body . So as an up to date response as well as maintain g foundations , we can provide advice for Nutrition , Detoxification , Weight Management , Creating a powerful Food Shopping List for Health , Stress Management through Hypnotherapy and Cranial Osteopathy and basically anything free we can get you from the internet , this is the 21st century !! . I hope to combine my work here in Birmingham with work in London , and bring to London a breath of fresh air as far as therapy and health advice goes , where the price is relevant and fair . Its a big adventure for me and I always wanted to work in the London area as an Osteopath , it seems all very busy and creative . However I love this city of Birmingham , there is so much going on here as regards culture and our Curry Quarter in Sparkhill is and experience to savour . So we are known here in Birmingham , welcome London to the world of spinalsolutions come to Canary Wharf , 1 CANADA SQUARE and we will see what we can do for you, better still come up for the weekend we are open Sat and Sun and will be glad to see you here in Brum .