kiwi fruit helps sleep

Here an extract from an interesting article at  it describes the health advantages of Kiwi fruit , its high in fiber, pottassium rich , antioxidant rich, and is a possible aid to respiratory  and heart health .  It also details research from Taiwan which showed substantial improvements in sleep and sleep quantity , data and sleep dairies were used , volunteers also eat kiwi fruit 1 hour before bed .

‘ After 4 weeks of kiwi consumption, researchers found significant improvements to several measures of sleep:

  • People fell asleep more quickly. Sleep onset latency—the amount of time it takes to fall asleep after going to bed—decreased by 35.4%.
  • People slept more soundly. Waking time after sleep onset—the amount of time spent in periods of wakefulness after initially falling asleep—fell 28.9%.
  • Sleep quality improved. Scores on a standardized sleep quality questionnaire—where lower scores mean better sleep—decreased by 42.4%.
  • Sleep efficiency—a measurement of the amount of time spent actually sleeping compared to the total amount of time spent in bed—increased by 5.41%.
  • People slept more overall. Total sleep time among the volunteers increased by 13.4%.

These are some pretty dramatic improvements to quality, quantity and efficiency of sleep. We need to see additional research explore the sleep-promoting effects of kiwifruit, but this is a pretty intriguing start.’