Justin Bieber Photos

It seems the web is alight with all things Justin Bieber – he’s adored by many , admired by some and hated by others , such is the price of fame . I guess he’s just a kid who’s enjoying fame and life – very much . I bet his Mum is quite proud of him ,and good on him he’s made it !!

Fame may not be a prolonged affair so maybe a little ‘Bad Ass ‘ behaviour maybe keeps him in the limelight and trending on Twitter, but also I guess he cant even pop down the road for a ‘MACKIE’ without being followed and then analysed . Additionally P.R. companies are capable of all types of media ‘skullduggery’ to keep their client in the news .

The Dad in me that again thinks I hope he chooses a wise path as fame and fortune has probably destroyed many young people in the past , there always a BEWARE sign at the beginning of the journey to fame . Of course also as a therapist I hope that the journey to fame is’nt a diversion from the real path we all walk towards self discovery . Well ,Good Luck Justin and take care , follow good advice and listen to your parents sometimes – thats the Dad in me speaking .

Back to the Therapist – as part of this ‘coutroom drama’ for speeding story running at the moment, there are some mug shots released of the aforementioned superstar Justin . Front on – Happy face , good smile – a little bit groomed for my generation perhaps but i guess – nice kid . Side on photo – same kid BUT – look here what can we see ? Gross forward neck position . Ok so Justin might just be posing that way as a bit of a joke however as its plastered all over the newspapers this morning I think it deserves a comment from yours truly at spinalsolutions. This neck position is called the forward neck position and again it may not be Justin’s normal posture especially given he may have had ‘performing arts’ lessons as a child , generally carriage and posture are part of it . However it is a common posture amongst teens and young adults and sedentary workers mainly because of CRANING’ the neck forwards to operate many of the ‘digital /computerised ‘ devices we use today .
Below is a representation of this position .

forward head posture 3

This kind of head posture is not really fantastic as it promotes future damage to the ligaments , headaches , jaw pain , neck pain ,headaches . It can affect the function of the jaw and as well as being painful damage the joint of the jaw (temperomandibular joint ) or even the teeth. There may even be effects to the thoracic spine below as it attempts to accommodate the position of the neck.

forward head posture 1

Back to to the very talented Mr Beiber ; for singers this position of the jaw, interferes with what is known as ARTICULATION – in my own humble way I have singing lessons here at PROGRESS ACADEMY IN BIRMINGHAM UK. One of the aspects taught by by singing teacher is ARTICULATION , basically correct formation of the words by moving the jaw . It is certainly not advisable to have this a ‘Forward Neck Position ‘ when trying to master this skill.

Look up the picture online or int he papers today at the picture again and imagine the hinge mechanism of the jaw having to struggle around this position , try it for your self – stick your neck out and try and open your mouth – DOES’NT FEEL RIGHT ?? – Bet that’S not comfortable . Its true that ‘icons’ influence the world and I am grateful for Justin’s ‘mugshot’ as an EDUCATION .

WHAT CAUSES THIS – WELL sorry to be the KILJOY here and this where I speak as a hybrid of both PARENT and OSTEOPATH –

TOO MUCH PLAY STATION – flexed head position

Sometimes it is just a natural position as a result of your own anatomy and cant be helped . However wether its
hereditary or functional some common sense and perhaps PILATES , or ALEXANDER LESSONS will be very useful. The founder of the Alexander technique describes such a position as being related to fear or even contributing to the ‘fear mechanism ‘ . It is reported that as an actor in the 1800’s Frederick Matthias Alexander developed the technique of creating an upright posture to help with breathing problems and hoarseness. He collected his ideas and by the 1920s and 1930s had published books relating to his observations and techniques.  It has become one of the modern solutions to what is becoming a virtual epidemic .

( Wiki – Alexander technique)

One of the modern syndromes reflected by this position was discussed in our previous blog Grahams Last Word 2
it is termed ‘UPPER – Crossed Syndrome’  and we recently produced  an excellent ‘related article ‘ that describe this condition in detail .

Upper-Crossed Syndrome is defined as tightness and shortening of the lower neck/upper back and chest muscles with associated weakness of the muscles that stabilize your shoulder blades as well as your neck flexors and mid-back muscles.

forward head posture 2

Follow good postural advice and take breaks . Many thanks Justin for educating the world