Absolute vs Relative

imageToday s BLOGG is really an excursion into the  relative vs the absolute.  My thoughts about this subject were stimulated by a line I overheard in a que , whilst waiting for my daily dose of ‘Americano’ ; the lady in front of me asked for a decaff skinny cappuccino , as the barista went into auto-mode and frantically moved his right and left arms into the twist and roll required of his trade , she shouted back “and make it one shot” , wow I thought to myself that was one risk free coffee.  As extreme as this sounds I guess she could have asked for water and he poured it quizzed him about filtration, and of course the extreme risk free option would be to stay at home in bed.
My work in the world of ME tears open the veil of the modern world and reveals that everything we achieve is at a cost . We drill petrol which inevitably has lead to massive progress in the world but the aftermath is oil spills and perhaps climate change, smoking relieves stress and probably helped our war heroes find a moment to contemplate during the horrors they faced but its wrecks our lungs , is addictive and toxic.
I once saw a picture of a young boy in famine affected Africa crawling on a stone floor looking for grass seeds to eat , he was both a victim of poor investment, war and perhaps irresponsible government but also a victim of the imbalance that currently still exists. So the poisons and horrors seem inevitable but there don’t seem to be absolute answers like our lady in the coffee shop there has to be a relative choice. I dearly hope relative choice for those facing famine would be sharing in the available resources the world has to offer but also as these poor areas become more attractive for global investment then maybe the ‘relative’ model becomes adopted. So the relative model for me looks at inevitable waste and recycles it , examines the use of nuclear power but doesn’t turn it into bombs and places these power stations in places where safety can be guaranteed as much possible, or maybe the greater risk just isn’t worth taking. On a micro scale I think we have to think about what products we use and how much of a footprint we make on the world. Last week one of my friends described the perfect dilemma, do,we go for fluoridisation of water supplies to improve dental health or do we allow for an increase in dental work and the use of mercury amalgum for fillings. The absolute choice may be a ban on both but that affects greater thing in our society such as consumption of sugar is one of the real problems . Sometimes trying to get it right is like trying to iron an never ending crease from a cotton shirt, the more you do the more it eludes you or so it seems. In relation to health we can create these dilemmas of perfection as we attempt to make ourselves healthier and better , in my practice I take all the gross influences and try and reduce them without looking at the problems like some ‘ worldly vice’ needing catharsis, by good history taking and discussion itsossible to highlight what my old osteopathic tutor in medicine called the Galloping Horses, so don’t act hastily dig deep maybe it doesn’t have to be as extreme as a skinny , lactose free, decaffienated , 0.3 shot sugarless coffee,so to speak moderation at all times is wise choice