House of Lords

Thank you to the Optimum Health Clinic for invite this week to the House of Lords , for the launch of their clinic as a Charity, this is a great event in the treatment and recognition of ME/CFS. Thank you to Alex Howard founder and Chairman Ian Hatton. This innovative clinic set up by Alex has set new boundaries for the treatment of ME. Treatments from the point of view of psychological and nutritional approach have been around for,a while however it’s no small feat to consolidate these approaches into an organised treatment regime . Such has been achieved by the (OHC) Optimum Health clinic
And is called the 90 day program. The has a very successful reputation within the ME/CFS community. Plans are for development of the clinic with more evidence based research along with a partnership with an American research lab , to find some protein changes on the cell which would relate to a mitochondrial dysfunction his would be the Holy Grail – a diagnostic marker .
Success with diagnosis and perfecting the 91 day program may mean some interest from NICE which would allow for treatment on the NHS . Good Luck Alex and co and thank you for the sandwiches very nice , especially as I was one of the non -gluten crowd . Many thanks image