Graham’s Last Word

My friend whose also an Osteopath in Deal kent he has many opinions on the state of Physical Therapy today , here’s the first in our series of Graham’s last word

This one goes out to all manual therapists.In a very Nick Hornby way give me your top 5 most worked on muscle groups.

Mine would be:-

1 Trapezius surely everyones favourite !.Never met anyone who didn’t need a bit of work on it.

2 Erector spinae ,well I am an an osteopath after all

3 Glut max. I know Medius is far trendier but always needs attention with low back pain I feel.

4 Trickier now.Well I’m going to say scalenes.Always helps neck pains I feel.

5.As a group rotator cuff .Anyone else find the mixture of supraspinatus and teres minor irresistable?.

Next top 5 tender areas.

1 ITB brings water to my eyes thinking about it.

2 Lat head gastrocnemius.I don’t know why but there you go.

3.Glut medius.Always a few juicy trigger points.

4.Adductors.Perhaps derverves to go up the list but just thought of it.

5.Psoas.Or is it my palpation technique ?.

Let me know your views.

Next most overlooked muscles.

1 Lat Dorsi.Even though i spend a lot of my practice life working on it it never enters my diagnostic thoughts.

2.Deltoid .Again big powerful muscle but don’t you just prefer it to be the rotator cuff.

3.Abdominals.well they are on the front aren’t they.


5.Serratus posterior.we love anterior but its namesake never gets a look in

Now the muscles I think are important that nobody else seems to.Or am i wrong?.

1. Splenius Capitis.Could be on my tender list but i feel is important in neck problems.

2 Tibialis Posterior.Oh those fallen arches.

3.Pec major/minor.Those office workers with protracted shoulders.Stretch,stretch,stretch!.

4.Whilst on the subject those inhibited rhomboids/lower trapezius need a bit of engaging.

5.The deep flexors of the neck.You just cannot get to them apart from with absurdly long needles(never had the guts to use).But feel need strengthening regularly.

You see he has a lot to say