Graham’s last word 2

Apparently if you want to slow time down the best way to do it is to open yourself up to new experiences. This is because time slows the more memory we lay down and new experiences make us lay down more MEMORY.

However as far as pain goes I would advise the exact opposite.I have found over years of practice and questioning, that acute pain often comes with new experience.This might be a new job,a change of office.It could be from a new baby or even a ‘RELAXING’ holiday.

So why might this be?.Well probably the most important element is tissue adaptation.We learn from development how to walk and pick things up .We do these things so often that we “centralize” the information in the nervous system. This means we don’t waste too much brain energy thinking about things we do all the time and this frees us up to concentrate on other things.However when we are placed in a new environment say at home with our first baby ,we are suddenly doing things are bodies have no history of.This can be getting a baby in and out of the cot,getting into a car seat,breast feeding etc.Our bodies will need time to adapt to these new stresses on our bodies and may not do so in time.

Secondly new experiences can be STRESSFUL .Not ,for example, just a new office,but new colleagues with unknown expectations.This can add a layer to our tissue stress and could perhaps throw us over the edge into pain.

I am not saying to stop trying new things but being aware of this and perhaps keeping yourself in good shape during these times may help.

Interestingly it has been suggested that the best way to centralise new patterns of movement is to make a task complex.This engages the brain more.For example I see a lot of office workers with a typical office adaptation , POSTURE – HEAD FORWARDS ,SHOULDERS inward and perhaps low “swayed” low back. Technically it called ‘UPPER CROSSED SYNDROME.’ It will have been a long time setting up this posture and to alter it might mean the usual strengthening and stretching.But also try standing in a corrected posture whilst say standing on a vibration plate.This will engage your brain more and centralize the pattern quicker.
So get into some GOOD vibrations.

Graham Yates
Registered Osteopath