Welcome today to our New Female Practitioner Jenny Budd , she qualified many years ago and is an accomplished practitioner who had previously owned a practice in Henley in Arden . She returns to practice after having had a break to have children, I feel privelidged to have her working here every fortnight . Im always impressed at her grasp of the academia that relates to Osteopathy and I hope to further advance the emphasis towards pain management utilising up to date evidence based practice . You will always find her cautious yet sharp, gentle but efficent . She rides motorcycles and plays Saxaphone so Im sure were going to be the top practice as regards injuries relating to music and motorbikes – Easy Rider eat your heart out !!! . She has a special interest in peripheral injuries ie arms legs , feet and hands in relation to manipulation and visceral manipulation . I hope to train her in the Perrin Technique so that more ‘female ‘ clients may benefit from this very specialised technique . Her own clinic is in Solihull when she is’nt at spinalsolutions . Welcome Jenny .