Fact Friday 3 – Sugar


Well its my Fact Friday and continuing with the resolve to write about general practice science for spinalsolutions Clinic. Last night driving along in my car just suddenly had an urge for chocolate  ‘dark thoughts’ certainly , a shift in the ‘force’! , yes only solution stop at that garage coming up ahead and calm that feeling with a ‘snickers’ bar . This is what can  happen to us is it ‘carb craving’ or the effects of subliminal advertising? we will never know , but before that time we may  become a little obese. Sugary foods  have found their way into our lives and we have become gargantuan consumers of them . Read anywhere on-line and you will develop the idea that sugar is a ‘ baddie’ and definitely worse than Darth Vader – light saber decapitation is much more painless than stroke or heart attack!!Sugar makes you fat , sugar makes you crazy, sugar makes you fatigued, Sugar made my kids fail exams , cost me dental fees sugar knifed that guy last night on the news.  If we going to still enjoy the benefits of sugar and that does include the ‘comfort’ of it then let’s be better informed 

Sugar is essential  in the body as Glucose is essential for energy , it’s the way our cells and brain receive energy . Food which we eat is mainly protein, fat and carbohydrates. carbohydrates  are eventually  down into glucose, its easy to believe my snickers bar was sugary, less so the baguette I had for lunch or the baked potato the night before .   Sugars appear to us in different forms and the process that delivers it to our cells is either rapid or slow eg sugar coated cornflakes absorb much faster than porridge this is based on the time it takes our body to digest and convert the sugars .  We rate absorbtion by what is termed   Glycemic index or GI, this  is a number which give us a the rate of absorbtion of a food type compared  to glucose , if we eat pure glucose it wouldnt need the digestive processes to make it any simpler and would be absorbed more directly so this has a GI of 100 the highest  GI  , the GI of oats is 58 which makes it medium GI the GI of peanuts is only 14 which is a low GI food. 

The latest research on health suggests  that a large [proportion of our ill health is due to inflammation. Chemicals produced from this process which can be stimulated by injury, pathogens stress and food ; one of the worse culprits being sugar ,( the refined type and definitely the engineered type –  corn syrup) .Each week the average Briton consumes 238 teaspoonfuls of sugar.  ‘Sugar’ is the generalised name for chemically sweet substances composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen . 

Most of the client group here at spinalsolutions are ME/CFS clients , all with energy deficit  problems. Generally speaking in this client group there is a craving for ‘carbohydrates’ and yet consumption of high amounts of ‘carbs’ and especially in the form of sugar leads to massive energy depletion. It may be that prolonged use of sugar has caused the damage or that damage has made their bodies unable to deal with the immediate ‘rush’ sugar produces.  It is believed also  that the physiological effects of stress are worsened through high sugar intake. I have a theory about nurses and back pain which has sugar at its origin – Nurses have been documented as a high risk group fro long term back pain based on the lifting and other postures that become part of their work, however they dont have any more lifting to do than road workers . My observation is that their backs feel similar to other workers from more sedentary groups . I think that this is based on work and diet, as this type of work which infamously has long shifts, high levels of stress and short lunch times .  Nurse are made to feel worthy and ‘thanked’ by a box of chocolates left on the nursing station by grateful relatives.  Lets see stress, mircotrauma and youve got it SUGAR.  If you read some of the resources you will undersatnd that means inflammation and in the nurse’s case I think poor healing of ‘back tauma’ thus accelerated damage . If you are a nurse keep away from sugar in your working day , if youre a grateful relative/patient then please give money towards the nurses next booze up – believe me they need it every now and then.   If your engaging in vigourous activiy then chances are youre burning away any excess, however still be careful with the types of sugar and the amounts.

Well today Im hoping to convert you so that you reduce your sugar intake and completely avoid the artificial and engineered types . I had initially planned to write frantically and produce a full physiological article . However from my reading/research  I realise that there are many articles out there written in a way I just couldn’t match .  So for todays post my role is   ‘Content Curator’ – a mere lifeboat in the sea of information.  Read especially the article on sugar from www.nerdfitness.com  (already tweeted see tweets –  Backquac_007) headed ‘Why Sugar is worse than Darth Vader’ , other links are found below. Last word is dont turn yourself crazy , read labels, avoid and reduce if you can’t manage to abstain.  Steve  at Nerd Fitness gives a very good guide to maintain change at the end of his very entertaining blog about sugar – enjoy and be healthy !!!