Days with the Body Mechanic

The Body Mechanic is a very talented Sports Massage therapist here in Birmingham. She is well-known amongst the running fraternity and really is a legend . For the last 3 years we have worked closely together mixing the skills of Osteopathy with her very unique version of Fascial Release. I’m happy to say that it a happy marriage and that we have both learned a great deal from each other. We regularly treat athletes improving the tissues ability to adapt the ” capability vs demand” which is the challenge of the rigorous training routines they undergo. It’s not an easy or pleasurable journey to have your tissues stretched and pummelled and your bones cracked and popped , however the discomfort is transient and the treatment effective . We have recently extended to recovering ME/CFS clients where because of the disease and its lymphatic effects tissues have reduced their suppleness and increased in turgidity the net effect being poor joint excursion thus movement expression and consequently a demand on energy currency. So a couple of Big. Coffees to start busy day of “deep” work then down to the. Rose villa for a couple of big pints after ,it’s the perfect working life . These are special Saturdays in many ways , our results are good and our work honest and affordable, for me memorable days spent with my mechanic ….cheers ? If you think a challenging treatment is what you need pop in for “special time” if not then of course any other day is less so .osteopathy-2