Fact Friday 2

Its seems as if every Asian mother has a cure for all ills in whats called ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ , garlic , ginger, cinnamon and many of the herbs found in Asian cooking are always celebrated by ‘mothers’ as having health properties indeed sometimes the panacea principle is a little bit too enthused without research to support it . Well its seems that as far as Cinnamon is concerned this knowledge stands strong . This simple bark like substance ( powdered in preparations) appears to have amazing effects on our blood sugars reducing the glaecemic response of carbohydrates . The American College of Cardiology had already cited vinegar as having this effect the scientific term is ‘ post- prandial blood glucose levels’ . Basically some foods are digested very easily by your body and the conversion process into the end product which is basically in one respect – GLUCOSE. It appears that cinnamon does the same , some sites quote a 29% reduction in the effects of carbohydrates for a 1 gram tablet , I guess that’s two teaspoonfuls . A bit of a mouthful! but try one spoonful with a plain bio yoghurt, the cinnamon has a sweetening effect , also very nice with the age old slowburner – porridge. This could be a great addition to a diabetic diet (type 2) or weight loss, cardioprotective or just even sports performance So today Fact Friday is promote cinnamon day , I will tweet the fact and some fun if I can find any today . if anyone knows any other kitchen chemical superfoods then email me at . HAPPY CINNAMON DAY 🙂