Bone Broth for Health

There’s a ‘ truth’ that says your Mother is always right , for me this seems to have multiple applications . For my ‘ middle ‘ years I have returned to wearing a vest, eating my greens, drinking water and resolving sibling issues , because I have humbly admitted ‘my mother was always right’ !

As late as the early 70’s I believe we were still influenced by the experiences of our grandparents and great grandparents who were both attritioned and strengthened by the war years . The general response to less resources was to make things last , food was a very important part of this,’ thriftiness’, to the effect that meals really stretched . One of the best ways to create a lot of meals from one ‘meat protein resource’ is the making of broths and stews . I can remember having these regularly in my growing years, I even took the habit into my student nurse days which my friends remind me of with great humour. There are after dinner recollections of festering pots of chicken carcasses. I’m secure down to my ‘marrow’ with my ‘broth’ habits because of the great benefits as regards minerals and goodness in such broths. Bones and carcasses are still largely discarded but represent very simple but highly nutritous resource.

I pause for a moment here for my Pescatarian and Vegetarian readers of whom may form a portion of my patient population in my Osteopathic Practice in Birmingham City centre UK. I have great respect for those expressing choices or keeping their nutrition within certain guidelines be they ethical or a considered health approach. Rest assured I will compose a vegetarian version of this post which may include juicing also.

So the basic ingredient is BONES; chicken carcasses, beef knuckles and thigh bones , pork bones etc .

These are basically boiled for 4 to 6 hours to extract the goodness out of them . So that’s the easy part a big deep,saucepan or slow cooker and ‘bones ‘ – a lot of them !

Adding cider vinegar seems to be part of the general advice as this is meant to help extract the goodness out ( there are many site extolling the virtue of cider vinegar so this is an extra nutrient too) . Don’t add salt as you may be adding salt to the recipe of what you use the stock for thus you end up with too high a salt concentration . I have heard of people roasting the bones before hand , this isn’t altogether necessary but does produce a darker stock. I tend to put old veg into my stock near the end of cooking , I get it from the market for avery cheap price ,it’s not really the general way or necessary but again ‘my mother said so’ -she’s always right you know ?

Stock then used to make up soups or one of my favorites is a bowl of brown rice stock poured over and steamed vegetables over the top. Good simple and nutritious , low GI , low fat , eat at regular intervals in small portions could help with recovery of ME /CFS which is my speciality , but also other diseases and perhaps just dieting and general health .

Bone Broth contains the following :

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS)

Also probably has:

trace minerals

GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS (GAGS) are useful for health because they are long chain sugars which attract water which means they can help cartilage in its shock absorbing qualities . If you think you’ve never come across them before , they are found in health shops named as glucosamine and chrondotin. In addition these GAGS help form the collagen that form ligaments , tendons and arteries. Collagen helps with skin hair and nails

Gelatine helps with the lining of the gut , if this is damaged or leaky . this damage happens through poor diet , and bacterial overpopulation in the gut ( bad bacteria) . Overeating of sugar is probably one of the main reasons for this (check out my previous post on sugar). This causes the nutrients to leak out , this is called leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome can lead to autoimmunity, because I digested food leaks out and the body starts up a defence against it, if this is triggered the bodies immune system attack can the body leading to inflammation affecting organs and joints . Dr Sarah Myhill a leading voice and researcher in the world of ME CFS believes that one of the problems with taking nutrients is the state of the gut. Indeed this leaky state which creates and can be weakened by increased sympathetic activity , leads to poor digestion . The following state is then termed upper gut fermentation , fermenting food leads to,more toxins and unhelpful and colonies of unhelpful bacteria.

The Optimum Clinic in London another leading treatment centre has the ‘gut health ‘ built into its protocol .

I have surfed a site that discusses the possibility of concentrated toxins in the broth through the boiling process

They describe a small study which raised suspicion of lead toxicity.
However the concentrations found were small and in fact would be inhibited in a diet rich in the following


More investigation could be completed however from my reading there is
No current danger.

This kind of preparation has been the backbone of previous generations ,it’s worth thinking about for your health