Back Pain and Assasination of President Kennedy

Recent reviews of Presidents Kennedy’s records revealed that he suffered from chronic back pain as well as numerous other diseases. Its a wonder how he even got elected, if the American Public had got wind of it , then the image of a strong President would be tarnished. He apparently took as many as eight medications a day to manage his problems. Even after his death it took many years before the truth of his medical problems became public.

He suffered from Addisons disease (insufficiency of adrenal hormones) and had to have hydrocortisone and testosterone as drugs. This may have accounted for his severe fatigue and low weight , apparently he became so ill that in fact he had the last rites read to him at least 3 times in his life. This was also made worse by coeliac disease also leading to fatigue, and abdominal discomfort. which is sometimes associated with Adddisons. The Addison may have been a consequence of long term steroids maybe administered for abdominal conditions , the steroids may have also given him Osteoporosis leading to a damaged and painful spine. He received spinal surgery for a collapsed fifth lumbar verterbrae which led to complications and infection . Due to the pain he also took a lot of pain medication . He had difficulty bending forwards and back , turning over in bed , or sitting in a chair.

So how are  the Presidents ailments related to his assasination ? Simply he was wearing a very stiff back brace on that day in 1963 . After the first bullet shot by Lee Harvey Oswald hit him in the neck he should have slumped however the rigidity of the brace meant he remained upright and directly in the path of the second bullet which fatally hit him in the head.  Given the list of illnesses he suffered from he may never have lived much longer , however it appears there is an indirect link on that day to his BACK PAIN