Injury to the lats is a common upper back injury and it can be overtrained due to poor contraction in a lifting or rowing action. Hanging from monkey bars or pulling yourself up can cause a strained latissimus dorsi muscle. You might also strain your rhomboid muscle or the lower part of your trapezius. These muscles can be strained by whiplash injuries or from carrying heavy bags. Modern weight training ancillary to sports using dead lifts can also cause problems in this area, this is a problem I seen in many of the athletes I’ve treated at spinalsolutions. It seems as if this muscle can have influence even in the low back , this is probably because of some overlap in the insertion points and relationship to an area known as the dorso lumbar fascia – this area is composed of supportive non contractile tissue . At spinalsolutions we treat it through deep fascial massage and dry needling with localised manipulation . Take care in your sports training , think about this muscle if pain continues after having treatment for a low back problem or neck pain. image