30 day challenges

Here at spinalsolutions I’m both taking up and giving out challenges ; Travelling through the web on my ‘ipad surfboard’ I have come across 30 day challenges , how awesome . There are some which make a mockery of this concept but a few that are very much AWESOME , taking general exercises of SQUATS , PULL UPS , PRESS UPs, PLANK and creating a framework to achieve personally awesome times and repetitions . This is where it’s at , there’s a theory that says to adopt or change a habit you need 21 days plus , so,there you go I will say it again AWESOME. For me it’s Planks and Wall Sitting , achievement will be my bIrthday present to myself , so I will start New Year’s Eve, my training is getting a little bit ‘ sparse ‘ ( last 3 months) ,after suffering from colds and demands from the taxman -yowch!!! So I’m ask me on the 30 th and don’t forget to drop by and say Happy Birthday . Ok I will say it again …AWESOME!!!