All in the Mind?

pain management has come a long way due to the extensive research which is carried lout world wide and the availability of information through the World Wide Web . One of the great ‘stars’is Professor Lorimer Mosely . Here at spinalsolutions we are great fans and integrate much of his work into our clinical practice. It may seem at times that Prof Mosely seems to homogenise and simplify the world of pain which somehow is different from personal experience . However in simplifying it Prof Mosely helps us to understand our bodies better certainly the relationship between mind and body . Thus we are able to take control, I am a therapist but Therapists are just facilitators the real magic of treatment you own already it’s God given , so follow his work and see it as an enlightening experience , at for our Osteopathic intervention and facilitation for not just Back Pain but Chronic disease, we put it at the foundation of our work .